Portability packaged

PropertyKit takes a different approach than regular project marketing. It’s a full-blown material board, comprehensive brochure and floor-plan package all in a convenient and sophisticated form factor. No awkward juggling here. Your project, on the move and moving along.

The big reveal

As the lid flips – the journey begins. The brochure sits up-top and the stunning materials board awaits below. But wait, floor-plans are concealed in the lid for when things get a little more serious. It’s constant drama. A project the team will be proud to present.

A polished presentation

PropertyKit has been designed as a precision tool that enables sales agents to do what they do best. Tight text, captivating images & clear floor-plans. Laid out and sequenced to make for an engaging presentation. Printed, put together and packaged to a premium to elevate your brand.

Tailored to takeaway

PropertyKit is just as convincing away from the box with a beautiful website that works anywhere on anything. The brochures and floor-plans are also designed to take-away, personalised mementoes to create that all-important sense of attachment. Surprise. Delight. Deal.

PropertyKit your project.

PropertyKit is a powerful solution for residential projects of all shapes and sizes.

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