Woodland Street

Daily rituals redefined

To build a narrative between a premium park-side location and strong architectural principles, we formed a multi-faceted campaign that emotionally connected the purchaser with an enriched version of their daily rituals.

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Marketing Material

Making a day of it

The marketing material was designed to present the benefits and experience purchasers could expect in each and every space throughout the five residences. Chaptered over the course of a single day – Wake, Live, Dine & Rest each brought together stirring text with atmospheric photography to convey the feeling of space before stunning visualisations showcased them in all their glory.


Capturing the beauty of details

A short film captured and highlighted the moments in our daily lives that can be enriched by beautiful architecture. Particular attention was placed on materials, light and acoustics to deliver an emotive snippet of the everyday. Weaving in moments of lush green parkland and the building’s finer details, the video played out over the passage of time as the marketing material.


Park-side perfection

Through the creation of the visualisations, we had the opportunity to showcase the architecture, interiors and how they responded to the adjacent parklands. Light filtered through trees and careful minimal styling gave each image a sophisticated sense of sanctuary and a connection to nature that tied in with the tranquil tone of voice found within the overarching narrative.

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