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Translating data into stories

To highlight the growing influence of Asia in the education and practice of Australian landscape architecture as part of a special edition of Landscape Architecture Australia, we created a series of infographics that distilled data into compelling visual stories.

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    Architecture Media

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    Ricky Ricardo

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    Jillian Walliss &
    Heike Rahmann

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An eye-catching exhibition

We took the opportunity in designing the cover to showcase a collection of award-winning projects from the inaugural International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) awards. Selecting projects found across the Asia Pacific region, we wanted to convey a sense that while many hundreds of kilometres and cultural differences may separate these incredible projects – they are united together in the expertise and diversity of the people that create them – places created with a passion for people to enjoy.


An education in education

In order to illustrate the changing demographics of Australian universities, we created a series of infographics that visually expressed masses of data relating to the many students who seek landscape architectural education in Australia. At the same time, we highlighted many of the complex forces that have driven the dramatic growth of Australian education export.

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